Tuesday, 3 January 2012


  1. Brandon(7)

    Today, I got into a new school. That is SST. Today, I got to see the best and the most advanced school that got me WOW and fired up. That school is SST. As a student of such an awesome school, my goal is to shine like a shooting star and do my best in everything I am assigned. In such a beautiful and caring environment, I believe that SST would bring out the best in me. I would want to know the strengths of my friends, their likes and dislikes. SST is a community where it have kind, caring seniors and teachers alike. What makes it different is the way the teachers and seniors encourage us and try to make us feel as a part of the SST family. It is a privilege to study in SST and I am hope to know more about my new friends, my seniors and my teachers.

  2. Hello. My name is Brandon and I am born on the 25th of January. I live in Pasir Ris and I take the MRT to school. I love reading especially manga. I enjoy to watch Naruto when I am free. My greatest achievement is to get 'Gold with Honors' for my art at the SYF when I was primary 5. I hope to get to know everyone in school !!