Thursday, 16 February 2012

16/2/2012 Homework

1.Do pages 6-8 of science worksheet 4: Forces
2.Do the tollund man activity and write up your hypothesis on how he died.
3.Do real numbers homework 1b and challenger 1( optional)
4.Copy all the recurring numbers for math on the 'Numbers' project into your math notebook
5.For english, do your show and tell  and the google doc Ms.Sng sent you on your SST email if you have not done so yet.This is due by Friday.
(this refers to normal chinese students)
6.Do your chinese situational writing(please complete the whole thing).

Study hard for the last exam: history and geography!


  1. P.s. Guys, please look at the math blog and search in the top row for 'real numbers' in operation' I had a problem with that...

    1. This is for the math videos to help you learn the real numbers.

    2. So that we can get to do Homework 1b easily right?

  2. Okay... Thanks for it (on behalf of the class) :)