Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29 Feb Homework

Hey, Here's The Homework For Today:
1) Sign your Humanities Level Test.
2) Do Math Homework 3a
3) For Chinese Please Refer To Chinese Group, For HCL Please Check Your HCL Blog.
4) Do Your Science Performance Task.
5) Bring your Video Taking Devices for PE tomorrow.
6) Please Post Your Logo Up The Blog.
That's All!


  1. You were only supposed to sign if you failed.
    another thing, bring you guys cameras for PE tomorrow.Also, please do your design logo and post it up on the class ADMT Facebook page.Last thing, if you guys have not posted up your picture for the equilibrium on science, please do so together with all of these like now.

    1. Aneesha's group, please think up of three more numerals for Geography for the class to do and post it up on the class blog AND Facebook page.If you can, also inform the class at school to do it or the whole class will suffer.Remember to get it done by the next Geography lesson.thanks.

    2. You can Sign it if you did not fail and those who failed for Geography Must Sign It.

  2. By the way, I don't think there was math homework given.

    1. There was Math Homework Given Alex, It is Math Homework 3a