Thursday, 9 February 2012

9/2/2012 Homework

1.draw the picture on the budha-walking out the window picture and post it up on the ADMT Facebook page by today for Ms. Wong to comment on how you can do it better for the test.
things to draw:
1.the sofa and table furniture
2.the staircase on the right
3.the windows on the left
4.the beams on the ceiling
2.Read up on the 'personal recounts' section 4.15 artical so that you can brush up for the exams.
3.File up your work! start bringing back your files and textbooks.
4.Bring these things for your ADMT test tomorrow:
drawing pencils
(this is for higher chinese students)
5.Refer to the HCL blog.
(this is for normal chinese students)
6.Do your homework for tomorrow.