Saturday, 18 February 2012

Results For Decorations

Hello guys!
  After all this time finally,based on you guys votes,we've decided to pick...
2.Bring what you want and stick with it.

So, we will stick with the decorations you guys bring until easter(it is on April 8 2012), and then maybe you guys might want a change of decorations, or we will stick to the same ones, or we can only change a few items.We will decide then.

things to bring: colored paper,  if you have the borders for the pin board,  encouraging word posters,  a bit more pins,  if you can please bring some books that you've already read a hundred times to class.I promise that you will get your books back before the end of the year!  Another thing, I will be asking you to write down your name, birthday,and something that is interesting about you.But that one you don't need to prepare anything.If any information is sensitive,just write NIL.Try to make that paper colorful!

thanks guys!
the EXCO team

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