Thursday, 1 March 2012

1st March Homework

Hey! Here's today's homework:
1) Science page 5 and 6.
2) ADMT Logo Posting on Facebook.
3)English Summary Writing.
4) S&W Video Postings on the S&W Blog.
5) History eJournal Page 16 and 17.
6) Math Worksheet 4.
7) Math Homework 4a.
8) Math Mission.
9) Math Diagnostic Test in Ace-Learning Portal.
That's all for today!
P.S. If you have your CL or HCL homework uncompleted, please complete them as there is CL/HCL classes tomorrow.


  1. Btw when is the Maths diagnostic test due? I can't access my ACE learning portal.

    1. If you can't access it, go to the math blog on the side and click on the link. Another hint, your original username and password created for you was your NRIC number. If you changed that and you couldn't remember it, sorry, I can't help you. You can ask ms. Loh at Loh_