Friday, 2 March 2012

2/3/2012 Homework

1.Michael has already posted up the numbers to do for Geography. Please find their locations.
2.For ADMT,  please post up your final design for Ms. Wong to see and try to make a rough sketch on                                  how your name card may look like(as in like the position of your logo, name, phone number, email etc.)
3.Finish off the whole homework worksheet for science which is due by wednesday.
4. Finish off the card that Ms. Loh gave you by writing out an mathematical equation that must be solvable by yourself. write the working after the equation.
5.For english, read up on the summary writing 4 pdf. file about plastic surgery( yucks!).
6.For History,do ejournal pages 16 to 17. If you don't have it, download it on the History area, Unit 1, lesson 5.
7.Do your chinese homework. HCL students, do the workbook until page 15, and check the HCL blog for more homework references.
8.For S&W, please post up the best video for each individual if you have not done so yet.
Thanks and thats all folks!


  1. Okay guys. This is Jordan Koh speaking. Here are some instructions concerning Geography and everyone has to do it:
    1. Go to google maps and click on my places.
    2. Click on create map and then on collaborate.
    3. On "invite people as collaborators", fill in your name and index no. and your email address Beside it is "manage collaborators" and below there are two boxes. Tick them both and then click send invitations.
    4. After doing that, on the top left hand corner of the map, there should be a blue balloon icon, click on that icon and then click on the exact location of SST.
    5. On the title, type in your name and index no. and School of Science and Technology and then click done.
    Thanks and if you do not mind your parents getting a call from Mr Wolfe or getting SS, then do not follow my instructions.

    1. So we must do it before the next Geography Lesson? Is it Right To Say So?

    2. I can't add in my name and index number in the "invite people as collaborators" as it is an invalid email after I submit it!!

    3. Steffany, please inform everyone on Facebook. Thanks. I'll tell them tomorrow if they didn't get the message.

  2. Jordon I can't add in my name and index number cause it is an invalid email after I submto it, wwwhat to do

  3. I could send invitations on the google maps, but I had to delete my name and register no. to send them, just my email address.

  4. Oh very sorry. Just add your email address.

  5. Help! I can't find the exact location of SST!

  6. um....if it not too much trouble, could the chairperson and vice-chairperson pls list down the homework in order of when it is due (the earlier ones that are due first), and also by subject with a line spacing them out! Thank you!

    1. Thats a hard task to do on top of everything everyday but if you would tell me your name, I would consider it. By the way, I already am putting up some of the deadlines for the homework and usually the deadline for it would be the next day or the next lesson.