Wednesday, 28 March 2012

28/3/2012 Homework

1.For math please do both Homework 3a and More Practice if you have not done so yet.There is also another online worksheet, homework 2b for you to do if you have not done it yet.
2.Do your CL homework.Higher Chinese people, please do the vocabulary refresh worksheet where you write out the word according to the Pinyin.Do that on a chinese foolscap paper.
3.Read through the textbook of Geography to page 21.
4.Group leaders for I&E, please make a Google spreadsheet , put in your group members names and allow them and Ms.Choo ( to edit it.
5.Try to get your reports done for the vehicle  before Friday so you can concentrate on the exams.
6.You may start working on the Geography performance task where you draw out the school and point out a location of interest.
Good luck for your exams and work hard!


  1. thx alex, good luck to you too. XD btw next time could you please ask for the normal chinese homework from someone.

  2. Thanks.That is going to be hard since i'm not there but I'll try. : )

  3. Isn't the online math homework, Homework 2a? We just passed up Homework 2b today right?

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