Friday, 30 March 2012

30/3/2012 Homework

1.For ADMT, please do Task 2a,2b and 2c of the elearning week if you have not done so yet and submit it by today.

(this refers to CL students)
2.Do your homework.Sorry, I didn't have the chance to talk to you guys about what the homework was.
(this refers to HCL students)
3.Do 练习三 to 练习六 and 复习一. Also, do the 填写词语 worksheet with 70 words.

4.Do the english letter where you try to convince your cousins to go to Universal Studios.
5.Do your report for the science performance task.
6.Revise and study well in preparation of the exams!

-PLEASE remember to give me your fee collection form by Monday as I will be checking...
-Also, please kindly take the initiative to vote as we are just going to take the majority so if you don't vote, you are not standing up for what you want.
-Have a good weekend!

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