Thursday, 12 April 2012

12/4/2012 Homework

1.Complete the whole energy homework for science by Thursday.
2.For ADMT, please draw 5 3D designs using one point perspective for your design packaging of BreadTalk and its anniversary. You may start working on the performance task set by Ms. Wong and following the procedures on the paper given out today.
3.Do summary for the short sentence on the lady dropping her fruits on that document on the SST google site english page and post it as a comment on the english blog.
4.Do homework 2, 3, and 4 for math, all due on Monday.
5.Please do your chinese homework.For HCL students, read the new passage on Photo Booth and put it into the SST files. Also, Do the google form posted on the HCL blog for the newspaper.
6.Do your Dipity timeline. Due date is Tomorrow. Also, print out a hard copy of the timeline in a form of a list.One printed page is $0.20 at the school bookshop.Then pass it up to Samuel tomorrow.
7.Do your math report on the performance task. Someone in the group is to bring a board to put stuff on it. Also, on top of that, create a blog to put your videos, pictures, thoughts and reflections on it. The reflections have to be at least 200 words long. Then send your URL of that blog through a google form on the SST google site, under math department, performance task.
Seems a lot huh? Better get moving!