Wednesday, 18 April 2012

18/4/2012 Homework

1.Do the science homework worksheets, Revision paper for common test and Homework 2: Elements, compounds and mixtures.
2.Try to organize your 2 ideas and split the money amongst the group to buy a board to put the information on for I&E.
3.For ADMT, please draw how to open your container.
4.Normal Chinese Homework is to do pg 20 of 逗号 and any others if you have any more.
5.Look at the first post on the HCL blog for Higher Chinese students. That is our homework.
6.Read up on William Farqhuar and Stamford in preparation for tomorrows History lesson.
That's all. Sorry for the late post. Had CCA.

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  1. Remember to go to Math blog to do questions that you have not done yet.