Monday, 23 April 2012

23 april homework

Maths: do finish the worksheet if you have not done so, due tomorrow
Science: Finish up the revision if have not done so, by this thurs
I&E: dateline of the group board is this wed
MT: Pls refer to respective blog/friend/classmate to find out
ICT:Make the movie, due the following mon
ADMT: the design of your template is due on Thurs
S&W: NAFA stations tmr, better prepare

Sorry if I missed anything, but the homework for today was not up.


  1. Sorry, if I did not post in time. And thank you for taking the initiative to help out! I'll try to post the homework earlier since Alex did not post them.

  2. Where is alex these days? we might have to talk with him, for not posting these days, maybe he's forgotton