Tuesday, 3 April 2012

3/4/2012 Homework

1.Please do some of your geography performance task and read through your geography textbook to page 11.
2.If you haven't done any I&E document yet, please make one amongst your group members for tomorrows I&E lesson.

There is no homework today.Keep a look out when Ms.Sng posts up the document with the answers to the Black Beauty comprehension exercise and study for tomorrows English test!
P.S. The following have not submitted the fee collection form:
Aneesha, Farruq, Jason, Jerrold, Jordan, Jose, Aloysius.
Please give me you guys forms by tomorrow because if you don't give it to me by tomorrow, the next day is Thursday and I will have to hand this form in to Ms.Wong. Naturally, she will ask who did not hand in the form and you guys will be in trouble, so please bring it.

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  1. as for the geog performance task, when do we hand up?