Friday, 20 April 2012

Cyber Wellness, 20 April 2012

What it means to be Digital Citizens
Activity 1

Watch the following video and answer the reflection questions.
Post as comments.

Reflection Questions

a.     what does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens

b.     do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?


“The imminent dangers faced by Digital Citizens in Cyber Space”
Activity 2

Watch the following video and post your responses to the questions that follows:

Did You Know?: Dangers on the Web


Reflection Questions
The questions for reflections include: (Post as Comment)

a.     Identify a few imminent dangers faced by netizens identified in the video.

b.     Have you or someone you know been victims of such cyber dangers? If yes what is the nature of the cyber dangers.

c.      What are some of the possible preventive measures that netizens could take against such possible dangers?


Cyber Safety Glossary
Activity 3
link to Glossary for Class Discussion


Activity 4
Click on the following link for examples on Netiquette


Master the Basics: Netiquette: QUIZ 

Activity 5 (individual work)

after the QUIZ, review your responses


Class Pledge

Activity 6 (pair work)

 In pairs, students will propose 3 netiquettes to be observed by class and post in Class Blog.

They have to include

(a) the reasons/rationales for this and

(b) the possible consequences of non compliance to the netiquettes proposed



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  2. 1a) Being a Digital Citizenship means to abide by the rules on the internet and don't cyber bull others.
    1b) No. Respect and Responsibility does not exists in cyber space. You may not know who the 'anonymous' is and they do not know you. They may think that they are playing a joke or trying to prank you, but they do not know they hurt you. You may think that they do not respect you and thus, they do not respect you.
    2a) The Hackers may get hold of your particulars.
    2b) No
    2c) Download a "protective" app that can block out and protect you from the virus.

  3. 1A)It means that everything that is said or done online is for everyone else to see.
    1B)They do as without them the cyber space would be in chaos.
    2a)phishing, virus and scams
    2b) no
    2c)They should ignore suspicious websites,emails and files to avoid getting the virus.

  4. 1a.To make use of the Internet to do anything.
    1b.Yes.Otherwise,people will be using vulgarities all over the web,or bad deeds will be done and no one will be blamed.
    2c.Download virus protection.

  5. 1a.Someone using the internet

    1b.No, people do not bother


    2b.Yes, the computer will get slower

    2c.Be careful when entering information, Install antivirus

  6. 1a) It means to be a responsible user of the internet

    1b) Yes. people must respect the creator of a project and not use it in a different way

    2a) Phishing, and being hacked.

    2b) No.

    2c) Using protection for their computers.


  7. 1a.being a netizen means going online and having respect to peoples post or comment
    1b.values exist in cyberspace as if it does not ,many people might not take it and just kill themselves
    2a.phishing,malware virus protection

  8. 1a) It mean to be a respectful and responsible user of the internet

    1b) Yes, we must respect others online and take responsibility for our actions online

    2a) Phishing, Hacking, Scamming

    2b) No.

    2c) Using anti-virus software.

  9. 1a) It means we must be Etiquette, respect the internet and be responsible for whatever we post on the internet.
    1a) Yes. Because we must have Etiquette, integrity and respect other people and be responsible of your doing and saying on the internet.
    2a) Fake Websites, Phishing, online virus and malware.
    2b) No.
    2c) Buy and install certified Anti-Virus Software such as Norton.
    Be more careful and take more precautions when using the internet.

  10. 1a)It means that we must respect and be responsible with what we do in cyber space.

    1b)yes it does. If there wasn't any responsibility or respect being practice in cyber space, the whole of cyber space would be in chaos

    2a) malwares , fake websites , tricking us into giving out our personal information


    2c)we could take precautions measures and block the hackers from hacking

  11. Acitvity 1

    1a. It means to be a citizen in the virtual world.

    1b. They do exist in Cyberspace as you have to Respect people and be Responsible not to spam online.

    Activity 2

    2a. They may be tricked into putting their personal information, they might have been spied by malware and phishing.

    2b. I do not know anyone who have been victims of such cyber dangers.

    2c. They can strengthen their network security to ensure their safety online.
    Jason Ng (13)

  12. 1a)It means to be responsible for what we do online.

    1b)Yes they exist. We need to respect others online and be responsible for what we do online.

    2a)Malware and phishing.

    2b)Yes.My Mother.The hackers have personal information.

    2c)Download anti-virus software

  13. Activity 1
    a)it means to be responsible for what we post online.
    b)Values like respect and responsibility does not really exist in Cyber space. It is because nowadays, many people just post what they want without thinking of how the victim feel/react.

    Activity 2
    a)Phishing, fake website
    b)Yes i know.Computer gets infected by virus and slows down.
    c)Netizens should never go to websites that they do not really know.

  14. 1a. It means to be a proper citizen on any form of technology
    1b. Yes. You can show values in Cyberspace like anywhere else.
    2a. Random malware which latch on to a computer to track whatever the person does, virus which destroy the computer and phishing websites.
    2b. Yes. I have never asked the person so I don’t know.
    2c. Anti-virus, changing settings on your computer, enabling phishing tracking on the browser.

  15. 1a.It means we are having to have more and more responsibility to do the right things on the internet as we are open to more and more technology and the internet is more and more accessible. It is also a fortunate phase of our life as we are ale to enjoy and experience these new technologies so that we can use it for the better good of mankind.
    1b.Yes, it does. If there was no respect and responsibility, everyone would be caught left right and center for doing the wrong thing on the internet.

    2a. phishing, malware, being hacked, sent a virus.
    2b. No.
    2c. You may download some protective system to tell you if that page is a phishing site or reject pages with viruses on it.

  16. 1a)It means to respect others and be responsible for whatever you say online.
    1b)Yes. As it is a virtue in real life and online that we as citizens and netizens must up hold.
    2a)‘phishing’, being hacked while unaware.
    2C)Not visiting banned/unknown/fake websites.

  17. 1a)It means to respect and take responsibility on your actions on the internet.
    b)Yes, but not often. There are still people who use vulgarities online and say nasty stuff.

    2(a) Phishing, malware, hackers,
    c)Use virus protection software and use pop up windows

  18.  a)  what does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
    It means, we are trusted to behave responsibly on the mac, and we should do so.
    b) do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?
    Yes they do, whatever we do on internet is easily seen by everyone, and since on internet our expressions and tone cannot be seen or heard , people make assumptions on what you type, we must be responsible of what you write so people will not make bad assumptions

    a.     Identify a few imminent dangers faced by netizens identified in the video.
    Phishing, malware.

    b.     Have you or someone you know been victims of such cyber dangers? If yes what is the nature of the cyber dangers.

    c.      What are some of the possible preventive measures that netizens could take against such possible dangers?

    We should get protection for your mac.

  19. Activity 1

    1. It means to be responsible users on the Internet, and to abide by the rules and have Cyber Wellness.
    2. Yes. Values are present everywhere, even in Cyber Space. In Cyber Space, even though you cannot see the other party, that person is still a real person, so you should treat a person the same way as you would in real life.

    Activity 2

    1. Phishing, Malware
    2. Yes. They trick the netizens into falling for their trap.
    3. Be smart. Learn to spot obvious Cyber Dangers disguised, and use trusted anti-virus software.

  20. 1a)it means to be able to follow the cyber-rules
    1b)yes and no as some people follow the values of the normal space
    while others think that they are safe and do not follow their value

    2a) malwares and phishing
    2c)the firewalls

  21. 1a) it means to be a user of the web
    1b) Yes. So that we dont put virus’s or spam others and etc
    2a) Phishing, Hacking and Malware
    2b) Yes. My other Laptop got malwared by some virus that did not let me open my laptop for more than 3 minutes. It was disguised as a video and said i had to update my adobe flash player. Should have found out because of its weird address. Got rid of it by backing up my computer.
    2c) Use common sense and get anti-virus

  22. 1a) It means to use the internet.
    1b) We have to respect the users online and also be responsible for our actions online
    2a)Phishing, Malware
    2b) No
    2c) Use anti virus software and have a strong firewall

  23. 1a. It means that we must respect others in the cyber-world and likewise.
    1b. Yes. Everybody have the right to post their opinions sparingly.
    2a. Phishing, Malware, Online Threats
    2b. No.
    2c. Install and update anti-virus software.