Monday, 16 July 2012

16/7/2012 Homework

1. If you have not filled up the googleform yet for CE on that kampong story, please do so. The link to it is posted on our class blog here.
2. Please create your science slides based on the cell type you were supposed to do. It is on page 7 of the health science worksheet.
3. Please create the glogster thing and post it up by today 2359 for english based on the topic you chose, eg. Technology use in SST, Flora and Fauna on SST, Buildings in SST.
4. For IRS, please post up your group's mind-maps for each person and then choose one sub-topic to work on. Remember to choose a good one and use the data in the document shown today during class that can be found on the googlesite to evaluate what is reasonable. Then, post up 3 research questions as to some of the things you might want to find out about the topic.
5. For math, please do the challenger worksheet as homework that was given out today, as well as the australian mathematics competition paper.
6. Tomorrow is Chinese and ADMT. Please prepare any chinese homework's that might have been given over the weekend. If not, that is all!


  1. the glogster do we use our old accounts? because i lost mine.

  2. the previous glogster was He is asking for