Friday, 27 July 2012

27 July 2012 Homework

Here's the homework for today:
1) Complete up your I&E (Problem Solving) google spreadsheet.
2) Revise for your coming Oral
3) Read up Textbook 1B, page 78 and 79 and attempt Try it 2!
4) Do your Math Viva Voce which is due by 29 July, 2359.
5) Do your other Math homework if you haven't completed them yet.

That's all! Good Luck for your results and the coming Oral Exam! :)


  1. Please complete your IRS if you have not done it.
    Please also do your journal if you have not done it for ADMT

  2. And to add on Please do your Science Homework.

  3. Any English 2 b completed?