Thursday, 23 August 2012

What is going to be used for your class donation money

What is going to be used for class funds
- Please contribute at least $2 to $5.
  • This will be used to support your class so please be cooperative. (:
  • Items that it will be spent on will include:
  1. Class bonding activity food (of course you could bring your own as well, I will tell you more about it later).
  2. Class decoration material. Please go to the class blog and scroll down a bit. There will be a similar but shorter post with a URL at the end. Please click on the URL and this will bring you to a google-form about the class decorations.Please fill it up kindly. Once again, if you want to make your classroom look nice, please support our cause since is your own class.
  3. Teacher’s day. All the teachers will be getting a card and you guys can scribble your well wishes to all of them. You might be thinking about Mrs. Chandra as well. We are also giving it to her. We should all be appreciative regardless of what she has done to us, it’s not like she did something to us that should be punishable by death. She has also taught us. Anyways, I have counted and that will be in total 11 teachers. You may like to bring your own personal teachers day gift as well.
  4. Class outing. Yes, we are going to have one. It is not confirmed yet where were going although we have some idea of the possible places to go. Do not worry, I think I will be coming up with a google-form for you to decide again. I hope you will look at this as a opportunity not as a means to grumble and puff yourself up and say you could have done a better job or whatever but to interact with your classmates, sometimes I never see you guys talk to another person in our class although they sit right next to you or something. That is the whole purpose of the outing, to forge friendships between you guys through a different setting so that you will be more excited, open and what not. I can tell you there might be some complications but that’s the whole point, to learn from mistakes and move on. There are some times where an incident just can’t be avoided because I wasn’t seen before hand or something was changed which got us confused. With your help, I hope this can be made possible.
  5. Other unforeseen things. Sometimes, something arises which needs the money but was not predicted. I Promise you I am not corrupt so I will tell you every single time I buy something. As part of the class decorations as well, we will arrange the stuff on the board so that it is neat and add a area where we can put up all the records of what you guys donated and what we spent.
-All these things can be done with your cooperation. I hope you do not like the fact that if you did not contribute, for the rest of your lives you would know that we did not do anything.
-last of all, if you have enquiries, please just contact me at or talk to me personally at school. Just don’t wave a fist at me and say why this, why that. Thank you.

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