Monday, 10 September 2012

Stress Management Responses


  1. The time when we feel ''stressed out'' are when before the PSLE.
    I feel stressed and troubled.
    Some things that stress us out are exams, project, and performance tasks.
    We ''fight''.
    Done by : Samuel Ng & Bryan Ng

  2. Jeff and Bennett:
    2 Months Before PSLE
    Very stress, stress from homework, assessment , parents and the pressure from fellow friends.
    studying, peer pressure stress us out.
    Bennett : Fight
    Jeff : Flight

  3. 1. The day before PSLE.
    2.Uneasy, worried, can't think straight.

    3.When we have to complete a project with limited time to complete it, Major examinations, when we have to do a project in a subject we are not good in, etc

    4. Mostly fight, I guess

  4. We are usually stressed out before exams, tests, when our homework are not done and when our names are being called out loudly.

    We felt very stressed and anxious.

    Not doing well in examinations or tests, spoiling something very important.

    Depending on situations, if we cannot avoid the problem, we face it. :)

    Jose and Brandon.

  5. Aneesha and Michael:

    1) Stressed about switch of teachers
    2) Aneesha:I have a cough throat, and I feel irritated and angry
    3) Exams, studies
    4) Flight

  6. Farruq: I felt a lot of stress during the PSLE period last year. I felt very burdened as my parents had high expectations of me,.Food and soccer can relieve my stress. I take "fight".

    Steffany: I felt stressed during the PSLE exam last year. I felt like i was gonna fail the exam. i take ""fight"

  7. (Jordan):I was having a lot of pressure during my PSLE year.
    (Zhong Han): I was having some stress during the holidays last week, so I finished my homework earlier.

  8. Jason: When I realized my popularity was going down, I knew I had to take action. I tried many ways to fit back in to every class I am in, but I was beaten many times and I felt like giving up. That started my period of depression. But when I remembered a song which I have sung years before, I had more resolve to fight back

    Jonah: He was stressed out when he was taking the Entrance exam for SST DSA. So he fought back and he managed to get into SST.

    1. Both of us, Jason and Jonah fought to overcome our problems

  9. 1. Before the PSLE exams.
    2. I felt stressed as I was afraid that I would not do well and wouldn't be able to enter the school of my choice.
    3. Some things the stress me out are the exams, forgotten homework, project deadlines, peers, etc.
    4. I always fight, and attempt to conquer the stress.
    (Tan Kian Chong, Aloysius Seah)

  10. Have lots of homework , Exam to study for . Feel very SAD. Homework and Exam and Vegetables ( Jerrold ) stress us out. I take flight.
    Jerrold for his nonsense answers.
    Credit : Choonwee , Jerrold , cassandra.

  11. Alex:When I had a Performance Task
    Tian Kai:Before the Common Tests

    Alex:I felt anxious and did not know what to do
    Tian Kai:I felt tired, irritable and nervous

    Alex:Tests, parents, when I get in trouble
    Tian Kai:Tests, projects, waiting for announcement of marks

    Tian Kai:Depends on the situation