Monday, 6 February 2012

Cyber Responsibility Discussion

Dear Students,

Thank you for the informative sharing session on cyber responsibility.
I look forward to seeing these values get practiced around the online sphere (:

Alex: Be careful of what you say/type

Aneesha: No personal attacks

Michael: Take full responsibility of whatever you do online

Bennett: Do not divulge your personal information

Brandon: Be kind, avoid profanities

Aloysius: Do not spam

Jason: Not hacking into other students computers

Kian Chong: Do not look at illegal materials

Jose: Avoid personating others

Zhong Han: Do not do harmful actions to other

Jerrold: Piracy is not tolerated

Evangeline: Respecting others and their privacy

Choon Wee: No offensive pictures or languages

Steffany: No insulting

Paul: Report to a teacher should a provoking incident occur

Tian Kai: Respect copyrights

Jordan: Do not make threats to others

Samuel: Do not make fun of others

Bryan: No cyber bullying

Cassandra: You will be held accountable for everything that you do online

Farruq: No plagiarism

Jonah: No calling each others names

Jeff: Do not reveal passwords to anyone (even those whom you trust)

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