Monday, 6 February 2012


Dear Students,

I hope you had a fun session of Think-Pair-Share today, during our CE Lesson.
Thank you for the contributions to the pool of information.
Let's keep in mind these principles, to create a pleasant experience for everyone on the online sphere.

What is Netiquette?

• Short form network etiquette

• Acceptable way for communicating on the internet

• Behavior of online citizens

• Rules of using the internet

Examples of Bad Netiquette?

• Forging of Electronic Signatures

• Spam the chat/comment page

• Writing in CAPS

• Racism / Culturalism

• Flamming

• Posting illegal materials

• Using proper language, non-abusive language

• Imposing

• Hacking

• Not crediting copyrighted material

• Plagiarism


  1. Really great examples of bad netiquette. I agree that culturalism is bad netiquette. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Mr David. I've popped by your link and it's looking great.
      Thank you and good week to you.

  2. miss wong there are 2 mistakes, not posting illegal materials
    and crediting copyrighted material is good netiquette