Wednesday, 7 March 2012

7/3/2012 Homework

1.For ADMT, please do your logo by tomorrow.
2.For english, finish off that full summary writing on traveling to China.
3.For Geography, do pages 11-17
4.Put up the place where you liven the google maps Ms. Loh and Mr. Wolfe invited you to. Just in case you do not have it, here are the two websites. Click on Edit and put a place mark on where you live.

5.CL students, please do your homework.HCL students, do the short paragraph on your pet and do the MindNode thing.Also, look at the worksheets that were given out to revise.
6.There is something on the Math blog. You can check it out for preparation of the coming topic.

Remember to bring back your things in your locker before the holidays(which is tomorrow).
Thanks! : )


  1. Please also try to do WS 2 Activity 1 and Please revise through your subjects.

  2. Alex, plesase stop just saying to do our chinese homework as we know we have to do it. so please list down the homework or if you dont know then ASK SOMEONE.