Thursday, 8 March 2012

8/3/2012 Homework

1.ADMT, please do five designs of how you might want your name card to look like, choose one and do it on 'Keynote', then send it to Ms.Wong at
2.For math, look at the math blog.There is something there for you to do.
3.Get your parents to sign the form that was given out at assembly and make sure your parens see the dates and times for the dental forms if you got it and you signed the previous one.

There is barely any homework today, but there might be some over the holidays.Please look out on the blogs,ACE learning,the google account, etc. Thanks. ( :


  1. HPPY HOLIDAYS PPL! HAVE A GOOD WEEK! (and the week after dat) XD ;)

  2. Have a good week to you too...
    *Sleepy because last night I had a performance and I slept at 10.30pm

  3. agreed jason, hey by the way what are the dimentions for the card