Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Collection of Class Photos

Dear S1-09,

I've passed the class photos (for those who've ordered) to Alex and Steffany to give out, however many of you have not accounted for 'collected' photographs.

The numbers of photographs I have with me does not tally.

The 'types' and quantity of photographs ordered are:
(9x) 5R Formal 1
(2x) 8R Formal 1
(7x) 5R Formal 2
(1x) 8R Formal 2
(5x) 5R Informal 1
(1x) 8R Informal 1
(4x) 5R Special Candid
(1x) 8R Special Candid

For those who've collected the photographs,
please reply to this post, in this format > name, qty & 'type' of photograph
(Eg. Cassandra, 1x 5R Formal 2, 1x 5R Special Candid)

Please reply this post by 24 October 2012, 1200HRS.

Thank you very much.

-- Miss Wong

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